What is a Repeat Prescription?





If your doctor prescribes medication that you’ll be taking on a regular basis, this can be requested as an ongoing repeat prescription.

This means that the doctor has given permission for you to be given this prescription in the future, without first having to make an appointment with them. It is valid for a specified quantity of repeat requests.

There is often confusion between being on long term medication and having automatic access to repeat prescriptions. Patients are not automatically eligible for a repeat prescription just because it is a long-term medication. A ‘repeat prescription’ must be specifically requested by the patient.


There are two methods by which repeat prescriptions can be dispensed:

Standard repeat prescription

This is the most common method, where you have a specific number of repeat prescriptions agreed by your GP but you must put in a request to the GP each time, to release each prescription. Requests are made via the prescription tear off slip or electronically. Your GP will send your approved prescription directly to your nominated Pharmacy, for you to collect.

Automatic repeat prescription

Referred to as eRD (electronic repeat dispensing). Your GP can authorise a number of repeat prescriptions. This will be available to your nominated Pharmacy. You simply collect your regular medication from your usual pharmacy each month without actually having to order it. Your regular medication will be available at that pharmacy for you to collect, automatically. This method is only available for specific circumstances where the patient is on simple medication and their condition is considered stable.