ASK NHS App - Connected to our surgery from 22nd July 2019

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New Appointment System

We are aware of the current issues with appointments, in that we will ask if it is an emergency for an on-the-day appt, or if not a routine appt in the future

Historically this has been therefore an appt today or in 3-4wks, which is often unhelpful

Hence we have changed this to release 60% of book ahead appts on the SUNDAY prior to the week in question, with 20% the following week and 20% for the week after this.

This should mean far more appointments available in a more timely manner.

If you need a follow up with a GP requested by the GP, please tell this to reception who should be able to open an appointment ("unembargo") for you in an appropriate time

Delays in Answering the Phone 

We are aware of issues with phones not being answered in a timely manner - we apologise for this but are working on solutions

This is partly due to staff shortages which we are working on.

We also believe that there is an issue with our phone systen which means that if you choose certain options your call is either ended or you end up in a queue which we do not see

If you experience a prolonged wait, especially if you are told you are number one in the queue but not answered, or your call is ended without being answered (this should never happen) then please could you let us know at the surgery what options you chose and what happened with the call so that we may pass this on to our phone provider. Thank you.



Please be aware that from July we have joined up with first contact physio and have physio appointments directly bookable to be seen in the surgery for NEW muscular complaints, or flares of old longstanding issues.

If you would like to book an appointment with a physio, please ask the receptionists and assuming appropriate they would be more than happy to help


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Access our surgery by entering a room below.



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