Setting up a repeat prescription




How do I get set up for repeat prescriptions

Upon request by you, your doctor can set up a repeat prescription when they are happy for you to take your medication without regular check-ups. You can at any time request for your GP to set up repeat prescriptions but you should consider waiting at least 2-3 months from your initial prescription, as your GP will need to review previous check ups and tests before approving


Order Online

The easiest and fastest way to request set up of repeat prescriptions.

You don’t need an account already set up, just visit the website and enter your details.


*Online order is only available when the surgery is open


Try to be as clear as possible about each specific medication and the doses if you can. If you would like to be considered for eRD (electronic repeat dispensing) you should also state this in your request

Quick Guide

  • Confirm you are a patient at the surgery
  • Select Medication Queries and Prescription Requests - and then select continue
  • In the text field, write your request including which medications you specifically require as on-going repeat prescriptions.
  • You will need to enter your personal details on the next screen so that your records can be found and matched to you by the Surgery.
  • Once received, your request will be reviewed and assessed.
  • Your GP may request a call with you first before approving your request. You will receive notification by phone or text

Remember it is far quicker to use the online system as telephone lines can be very busy and you may be waiting to get through to the reception team at busy times. Using the online system also frees up the phone lines for more urgent patient appointments.


Order by Telephone

If you are unable to use the online system you can call the surgery 01628 530 997 to request to be put onto repeat prescriptions. Your request will be directed to a GP and you will be contacted by phone or text message.


Visit the Surgery

We are currently discouraging visitors to the surgery as much as possible (unless invited in) in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19. However, if you are attending the Surgery you can also speak to the Reception team to request to be approved for repeat prescriptions. They will still require your request to be made in writing.