Clinics & Services

Antenatal Clinic

  • Name Community Midwifery Team
  • Held by Corinne Murphy
  • Opening Times Wednesday mornings
  • Additional Information Postnatal checks are obtained through appointment with a doctor at approximately 6 weeks after giving birth.
  • Requires GP Referral? Yes


Asthma Review

Annual Asthma Reviews are carried out by our Practice Nurses.  They can offer advice on the most suitable medication for you along with correct inhaler techniques. Please attend your review if you have asthma and have been advised to do so or have not been seen for a least one year.  We are keen to ensure that you are receiving the best available treatment.


Child Health Surveillance (CHS)

Clinic Address Times
Marlow Children's Centre Foxes Piece 
Newfield Rd, Marlow 
SL7 1JW 
Every Monday 2-3.30pm
Lane End Children’s Centre
Lane End Primary
Drop – In 
Edmonds Road 
High Wycombe
HP14 3EJ
First and third Tuesday 
of the month
Wooburn Green Children’s Centre 
The Meadow School
Drop – In 
School Road 
Wooburn Green 
HP10 0HF
Every Tuesday 
9.30am – 11.00am
Breastfeeding Support Group
Drop – In 
Glade Road
Every Friday 

Child Immunisations

  • Name Practice Nurses
  • Held by Gail, Katy and Sarah
  • Additional Information By appointment only


  • Held by Gail and Katy
  • Additional Information By appointmant only

Diabetes Clinic

  • Held by Linda  and Gail
  • Additional Information The clinic operates weekly, by appointment with diabetes specialist nurse,  for bi-annual checks and interim reviews.

HCA Clinic

  • Held by Lesley and Kim
  • Opening Times Monday - Friday
  • Additional Information Please book in with our HCA for services such as Blood tests, BP checks, ECG's, 24 Hour BP and NHS health checks

Minor Surgery

  • Additional Information Various minor surgical operations and joint injections are undertaken at the Surgery. Your doctor will advise you when these are appropriate.


  • Held by Lesley and Lucia
  • Opening Times Monday-Friday mornings
  • Additional Information All clinics are run by our clinically trained staff.

Family Planning Clinic

  • Held by Dr Atwell for coils and implants. Katy ( Practice Nurse ) for pill checks
  • Additional Information By appointment Only.

Travel Vaccinations

These clinics are provided by the Nurses. Please contact reception to book an appointment

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