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by Mark C gave Bourne End and Wooburn Green Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

Great Service from a very well run practice

I have always found the treatment I receive at Pound House surgery to be excellent from knowledgable and kind doctors. Also I have just had an asthma check up at Pound House surgery and I was very impressed with the appointment. I usually find these appointments to be of little use, but on this occasion I was pleasantly surprised. The nurse was very knowledgeable and I felt My health was thoroughly checked. She also had a very nice manner which made me feel at ease. Whilst I was there I also needed an MMR injection which she gave me without any pain or discomfort. When I went top thank her as she left, she told me it made a change to be thanked as they usually only hear complaints, such as when they had the Flu clinic. I also went to the Flu clinic. Of course there was a queue, but it went down quickly. My experience of this was also very positive, as I thought it was run with military precision and was well organised.

Well done Pound House surgery and nurse.

Visited in October 2018, Posted on 29 October 2018

by Anonymous gave Bourne End and Wooburn Green Medical Centre a rating of 5 stars

The best surgery I have ever experienced

Having had several very bad experiences with my gp surgery, in a crisis I contacted Pound House to see if I could register with them.
The receptionists went the extra mile to help, both were friendly, understanding and supportive.
I was rushed through the process because of the extenuating circumstances and have since been seen by an amazing gp who is mature in his approach, engages and truly understands about giving the patient a say in their treatment.
Appointments are flexible, treatment is pragmatic and everyone is very friendly.
Having moved around the country a lot over the years I have experienced many gps and never found one as good as this. I understand that they are taking over another surgery soon, I just hope their attitude and culture don’t change.

Visited in March 2018, Posted on 22 March 2018

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