Repeat Prescription FAQs




Frequently Asked Questions


Why aren’t repeat prescriptions automatically provided for long term medication?

When a condition is newly diagnosed, your GP needs to make sure that you are progressing well on your medication. They will want to make sure the dose is correct and doesn’t need adjustment. They will want to know if you experience side effects and most importantly they need to ensure it is working well for you. This is all the more important if you are on multiple medications for more than one condition. This can take several months to assess and each patient is different. When your GP is satisfied that you are safe to request repeat medication without a review each time, they can go ahead and approve you for repeat prescriptions.

Once you are accepted as suitable to receive repeat prescriptions, your GP will still need to review your progress in the future to ensure that your condition is still being managed effectively and you have not developed any new symptoms which need investigation. These reviews are to safeguard your health and ensure that your medications continue to be safe and effective for you


How soon after starting new medication can I request to be put onto repeat prescriptions?

There isn’t a standard timescale for being approved for repeat prescriptions as every patient is different and there are a lot of factors which determine your suitability. Speak to your GP in the first instance, if you believe that you might be stable on your current medication.


Why might my prescription be delayed?

  • You may be due for a medication review and your GP needs to assess that you remain suitable to receive repeat prescriptions. You will be notified if you are required for interim tests or an appointment with your GP.
  • Did you order with sufficient time for the Surgery and the Pharmacy to process your request?
  • Are your contact details still correct? The Surgery may need to contact you if there is a query or need to carry out a medication review.
  • There may be circumstances outside of our control such as staff sickness or logistics challenges with medication and fuel supplies for example. These could affect both staffing and the availability of some medicines.
  • Public holidays

When will my medication be ready for collection?

We strongly recommend that you order your prescriptions up to 14 days before you expect to run out. It takes 5-7 WORKING DAYS for your prescription to be processed by the Surgery at the point that the request sits with our Prescription Clerk. After that point it is sent to the Pharmacy, to process and prepare your medication for collection.


What can I do if I run out before my medication is ready to collect?


*Online ordering is only available when the surgery is open

We will try to accommodate urgent requirements as long as this is already an existing repeat prescription and it is not a regular occurrence.


How will I be notified my prescription is processed AND my medication is available at the pharmacy to be collected

You won’t be notified that your medication is ready to collect BUT depending on the method used to request your medication you may be able to see a notice that your prescription is approved. Depending on your nominated pharmacy you may receive a notification that your medication is ready to collect. Two weeks prior planning should provide adequate time so that you don’t run out.


How can I request a dosette box to be prepared for me?

You should speak to your pharmacist to see if this is a service they are able to offer you.


How often will I need a medication review?

Patients on repeat medication will be asked to see a doctor, nurse practitioner or practice nurse at least once a year to review their regular medications and notification should appear on your repeat slip. Please ensure that you book an appropriate appointment to avoid unnecessary delays to further prescriptions.


Why should I move from telephone to online requests?

Online requests enable a more efficient end to end process. If you have access to a computer or smart phone, but aren’t sure where to start, perhaps ask family or friends for guidance on how to use the online services available to you. Doctors, Nurses and Surgery Staff are working longer hours and online services play a key part in supporting your Surgery to provide a better service for you and your family.