Minutes PPG Committee Meeting June 15th @ 1830





June PPG Committee Meeting

Date & Time:

Tuesday 15th June @ 6.30pm


Virtual via Team ( Link Raj to send)


Raj Thakkar (Partner)

Helen Radcliffe (Practice Manager)

Sandra Baldwin (PPG) (Secretary) Apologies received

Kris Cadman (PPG)

Jo Cowlin (PPG)

Michael Garrido (PPG)

John Gibson (PPG)

Nic Justice (PPG Chair)

Sam Wakefield (PPG)


Agenda Item

Discussion Points

(Please review and prepare)

Led by


PPG Housekeeping

  • Open Actions (If not received before meeting)

  • New Committee Members (skills required)

  • Community Links

  • Virtual Group

  • PPG Communication (to promote surgery)



Surgery Update

  • Vaccine project progress + next month

  • Staff (Vacancies, Sickness, Training etc)

  • NHS Data (HR & KC)

  • Wins and Challenges this month

  • Looking forward/ PPG support required



Patient Experience

  • Update



Patient Views/survey

As part of the PPG remit is to carry out research into the views of those who use the practice.

  • Review Klinik (figures)

  • How it is working from the practice view

  • How it is working from the patients’ view (PPG Feedback)

  • Communication around Klinik to resolve issues or improve engagement



Service Feedback

(This is an Open Action NJ to arrange to discuss with HR outside the meeting)

  • Review complaints to see if there is any action the PPG can support to resolve.

  • Social Media



Raising Awareness/ Communication

Encouraging patients to take greater responsibility for their own and families health.

  • Know your Numbers Campaign.







Agree Date, Time and Location of Next Meeting:

Open/ Closed Actions from May PPG Committee Meeting




NJ to add “Know your Numbers” Campaign to next PPG Agenda



RT to send link for next meeting Tuesday 15th June @18.30



NJ to add Virtual Group and New Committee Members to the next PPG Agenda



HR to raise training need with Reception team in respect of availability timings and call back no. on Klinik

 HR has raised this issue with the Reception Team and Partners. An improvement has been seen but still not perfect


NJ to add Klinik to the Agenda for the next meeting



SW to review the Patient Experience document and address questions/ understanding raised, ready for wider distribution

 Done and has been forwarded to HR for wider distribution


NJ to add Patient View/ Survey to next agenda



NJ to work on Terms of Reference with JC and for JC to get sign off from the PPG so they can be finalised

 NJ has emailed areas that need adding.  JC has amended TOR and sent to NJ to review then will distribute

 Open - May

JC to ensure all members sign or email confirmation that they are in agreement and will follow the confidentiality agreement.

 JC will send with TOR

 Open - May

HR to take SW Patient Experience document to the PPN.  ( HR to let SW know of deadlines for the doc)

 Agenda Item

Open - May

RT and HR to discuss “ Know your Numbers” Campaign and how the surgery could take it forward.  Presenting their ideas at the next PG meeting

 Agenda Item that will carry forward

 Open - May

PPG and Surgery to put together a list of skills sets that would be useful to have in the PPG to start actively recruiting for new members



PPG to inform NJ of any community links so enable relationships to be built up.



PPG to set up a FB page – Suggested First post (not discussed in the meeting) Explain what we do and ask for members? NJ to send email to take this forward



NJ to speak to Helen re Newsletter/ PPG Entry and Proof reading



JG to review Patient Access Vs NHS app and report back to the committee.



HR to raise at the Reception meeting on 16/06/21 re ensuring patients are aware Drs have reviewed test results and will call or an Urgent appointment will be made where necessary. To remove any unnecessary worry.



RT and HR to take to Partners the PPG vote to opt all patients out of the NHS Data Share



RJ raised he doesn’t want the work on Patient Experience to be lost. NJ confirmed it will be on each agenda for an update to ensure it stays a focus.



Highlights from PPG June Agenda Points:

PPG House Keeping

  • Open Actions were discussed, and updates are as above. There was an in-depth discussion around appointment times and call backs. The practice do give an AM or PM call back but at the moment the Drs don’t feel they can be more specific and that perhaps patients service expectations are unreasonable considering the demands on the GP and the unpredictability and required prioritisation of calls. The PPG did politely raise that managing expectation would make it easier on the practice but agree it should have a caveat that if delayed it is due to an urgent issue. It was agreed to leave it at AM and PM but to consider bring down the time slots slowly e.g. 3 hours.

  • The PPG need to recruit new members, but it was agreed that we need to ensure that we have a wide range of skills to best support the surgery (Social media background, IT, Marketing etc). SW has produced a form that can be used. Action the PPG and Practice to put together a list of useful skills sets that would be useful to have in the PPG to enable us to start actively recruiting for new members. NJ to send an email to PPG member to start the recruitment process outside the committee meetings.

  • NJ Confirmed that she is trying to create community links so that we can use them to help spread the messages from the surgery, especially to people who may not access via the more well used routes. FH residents Association and BEWG Councillors as a start. A request was made for anyone to inform NJ of connections they have to local community groups which we could connect with.

  • Virtual Group – It was agreed at the moment with the current resource that a virtual group was not required but that we would revisit it at a later date.

  • PPG Communication – HR raised that she would like support on the Practice FB group. NJ raised concerns that the practice should not give over this access. However, SW has raised that the PPG should have their own FB group and we could then promote via there. The PPG are also very happy to support HR with the communications being sent by proof reading or suggesting structures etc. KC raised concern that too much focus was put on communication via FB, however discussions we had that this is just one outlet and other initiatives are ensuring there is a wide communication plan. KC would prefer email contact from the surgery HR raised that at the moment this is the one way of communicating that caused a challenge. SW raised that maybe a link to the website could be put in a text message instead. Action to set up PPG FB Group.

  • HR raised that they would like to start doing a Quarterly Newsletter again and discussed that once it is written it is very important that it is distributed quickly. JG volunteered to do any door to door distribution. HR would like the PPG to include an article and would like help proof reading. NJ offered her husband Chris!. Action NJ to talk to HR to organise.

Surgery Update

  • HR announced that 2 GPs were leaving Claire Ingram and Sarah Atwell. HR was delighted to inform the PPG that 2 possibly 3 GPs will be starting in September more info to follow.

  • HR was also able to confirm that they have recruited another Secretary take it from 3 to 4. There is also an additional 2 Receptionists. Morale is still low throughout the team, but it is hoped the additional staff will help. The main problem is how rude and insulting patients can be.

  • A detailed discussion was held around the government announcement surrounding NHS Data. HR informed the group that they were only informed with 10 days’ notice. Prior to the meeting all PPG members watched a video explaining the process. Information for patients is on the website. Other practices are having different approaches, but HR is taking advice from the Data Protection team.

  • After the discussion it was put to a vote of if the PPG would like the surgery to opt out at type one. Note that patients will still need to opt out for type 2 as the surgery doesn’t control this. Everyone voted for the surgery to opt all patients out which will then be taken to the partners.

Klinik Review

  • Priory to the meeting Klinik figures were distributed to the PPG to see progress. Noted figures were that telephone calls were down significantly. However, time did not allow to discuss why there are still long wait times. This will be carried forward to the next meeting. It was pleasing to see as from patient feedback noted Face to face appointments were important to them that they make up 33% of the outcomes compared to telephone call and this was an increase on the previous month.

  • From HR point of view Klinik is settling in and is going well. Ensure that the service to the patients is improving.

  • HR informed the PPG that due to patient safety it was necessary to turn Klinik over the weekend they did this with minimal communication and there have been no complaints.

  • Prior to the meeting the PPG were requested to contact friends, family and neighbours to ask for their feedback. Time did not allow for MG, SB or NJ to feedback. NJ asked for all feedback to be sent to her ASAP. NJ will then forward to HR to take the appropriate action.

  • SW raised about test results as she had an example of a concerned patient where they were worried for weeks after being told that test results were in, but they could not have an appointment for 3 weeks. RT confirmed strongly that all test results are reviewed and if Urgent they will be called by a GP or an urgent appointment made. HR to speak to the reception team to ensure that this information is clear to the patients.

  • JG had good feed back / JC raised the issue of timings which was discussed earlier in the meeting MG, SB and NJ to follow.

  • RT raised about the NHS app and that full test results are accessible via the app including ranges. SW was unaware as this is a service that she regularly needs and currently call the surgery but does not get the full information. HR did raise that for full information to be included on the app there has to be a certain box ticked at the surgery end.

  • Following the discussion regarding the NHS App. JG has kindly offered to review what can be done on Patient Access vs the NHS app and report back to the PPG

  • JG did also ask if consultant appointment information would be held on the NHS app. RT confirmed not at this point as it is held securely within a different system.

Service Feedback – NJ to speak to HR over the coming months to review complaints.

Raising Awareness/ Communication – Time did not allow this agenda point to be discussed. The next PPG meeting will concentrate on the Klinik process and communication.

Note that Microsoft Teams is used for virtual meeting NJ was happy to set up Zoom, however KC raised security concerns so for the following month RT will set up Team meeting.

Next meeting was agreed for Tues 13th July 2021 @ 1830

Meeting Closed

Previous successes from the PPG 2021:

  • Supported Social Media Communications

  • Supported and advised on Klinik Roll Out