Our Successes in 2021





Klinik is the new system which allows patients to make appointments, request prescriptions, and contact the Surgery about medical matters. The PPG supported and advised on the Klinik Roll Out to minimise service disruption during the switchover period and ensure Patients knew how to use the new system. The PPG supported with gathering FAQs on how to use Klinik, helped to create videos and made regular updates to remind Patients of the switch-on date.

The communication plan put in place meant that the surgery had 700 less telephone calls in the last week of April compared to the last week in March ( 1350 calls compared to 2050 ).

The PPG members surveyed family, friends and neighbours regarding issues raised by Klinik. BEWGMC have taken feedback and appropriate action taken.


Improving Communucations

The PPG plays an active role in monitoring the local community Facebook pages in order to see where there may be concerns or challenges that we can support with, or make known to the Practise. During the height of the Covid crisis and subsequent roll out of vaccinations, we identified huge concerns and worry, especially with our clinically vulnerable and elderly cohorts, about when they could receive the vaccination.

The PPG worked with the Practise to enhance regular timely communications to keep Patients updated about where the Practice was in the roll out of the vaccine programme. The PPG ensured presence on the 3 main community pages that Patients are active on and proactively shared updates to keep Patients informed. We requested a set of FAQs from the Practise so that we could safely offer answers and reduce the burden on the Practise wherever possible. We also recognised that non-covid matters were equally of concern to our Patient Community and worked with the Practise to pro-actively update on topics such as how to request blood tests, access cervical screening and domestic abuse support. The PPG updated and promoted the BEWGMC Facebook page to ensure that more Patients were seeing important vaccination updates. In 28 days we saw:

  • 864% increase in page views
  • 17,468% increase in post reach (yes that’s a 5 figure % increase!)
  • 576,000% increase in post engagement (yes 6 figures…)
  • 4,400% increase in page followers

Community Relationships

The PPG has further forged relationships in the community to ensure that more Patients have access to relevant information from the Practice. Links have been made with

  • Bourne End and Wooburn Green Councillors - to see if we could connect into networks they have, for spreading the word about BEWGMC.
  • Local Publications - for monthly inclusion into local newsletters
  • Recruitment of New Members from volunteer service backgrounds - for better understanding of the vulnerable in the local area and their unique challenges faced
  • South West Chiltern Community Board - to understand more about available grants for work in the local community.
  • Senior Social Prescriber links - to help take pressure of the Surgeries for important but non-medical matters and mental well being and to support the new Wellness Clinics in the area.


PPG Support for quarterly Newsletters to encourage health and wellbeing in the community.